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Ms. Sullivan-Howell is a registered mediator in the State of Georgia.

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"It’s always best to control the outcome of your case if you can. Mediation can help you do that, less expensively and without all the emotional upheaval of a court battle."

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Is mediation right for you?

Mediation is a process by which disputes are resolved privately and less expensively than going to court, by agreement of both parties. The role of a mediator is to go between the parties and help narrow the issues.

If you settle your case at mediation, you will leave with a written agreement documenting the terms for inclusion in a court order.

Do you want to save costs by avoiding a lengthy court process? Mediation is often the right solution for reaching settlement more quickly and with less turmoil than in contested litigation. 

Avoid a public court battle! Call us today to schedule your mediation, or ask your attorney to give us a call. 

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