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“Sullivan-Howell uses scripture to encourage, not shame, women going through the trauma of divorce. She guides them to build spiritual, emotional and financial stability throughout the process. Her legal expertise helps demystify navigating complex divorce proceedings as a woman of faith.”

“With a mission to reconnect with the promises of God’s Word to give hope and comfort, Crush Your Divorce & Keep Your Faith author and attorney Bree Sullivan-Howell shares experiences and lessons learned from over two decades as a leading divorce attorney, along with insights from her own divorce journey.”

Crush Your Divorce offers practical solutions centered on biblical truth and grace for women navigating marital dissolution.”

“Women need compassion and empowerment during chaotic marital dissolution. Sullivan-Howell is helping fill this gap through her unique work supporting Christian women navigating divorce. She offers faith-based services for those facing divorce all the way through rebuilding life after the divorce is finalized. Her book and online resources remove the veil of silence and stigma.”


Crush Your Divorce® aims to teach why it’s not unladylike or unChristian to stand up for yourself, as well as help people gain valuable, practical insight into the nuts and bolts of a divorce case - including strategies on how to help your lawyer prepare your case to win.”


"Crush Your Divorce® helps Christian women find their voice during a divorce, especially those experiencing abandonment or abuse."

"Sullivan-Howell's message offers a path forward, bringing God's light into the darkness of divorce and empowering women to crush its hold over their lives. There is hope, healing and wholeness after divorce ends a Christian marriage. Sullivan-Howell is helping lead the way."

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